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Chitrali Coat Chugha Chugah Chogha Traditional Kashmiri Style Coat Northern Regions Pakistan Hunza Gilgit Chitral Skardu Hindu Kush

Posted by FUAD ULLAH-KHAN on

Chugha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Chugha (variant of Shuqa) is a coat worn over clothes, usually during the cold winter months. Usually worn by men, these coats are adorned with intricate threading and come in a variety of colors and patterns.[1] It is worn in Central Asia, including Chitral, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other surrounding countries. Outside of Afghanistan, readers may be familiar with the Pakol (Kaphor, Pakhor, Chitrali cap) often worn by poet Rachitrali." (source: Wikepedia, 2014)  

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