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Afghanistan-Pakistan earthquake leaves hundreds dead

Posted by FUAD ULLAH-KHAN on The article above discusses the recent earthquake in Afghanistan and Pakistan which left hundreds dead and many more injured.  This earthquake, when compared to the earthquake of similar intensity that occured in Pakistan in October 2005, did not create the level of damage and destruction witnessed in the 2005 earthquake possibly due to the epicenter being located deeper underground.

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ebates cashback website a good reliable cash back system for online shopping

Posted by FUAD ULLAH-KHAN on Shown above is the link to a good cashback website called ebates which allows buyers to earn cashback on online purchases from a variety of different retailers.  It is one of the few cashback websites which allows buyers to earn cash back on

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An Investment You Can Walk On

Posted by FUAD ULLAH-KHAN on The above link discusses the inherent value of fine quality Iranian made carpets in terms of the materials used (i.e. 100% silk), knotting and level of detail, location, and age of the rug.  Rug collectors seek out various designs including qom, tabriz, kashan, nain, and isfahan carpets as these carpets usually appreciate in value over time.    

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Etsy Induscarpets Re-Direct

Posted by FUAD ULLAH-KHAN on

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Shahtoosh shawl bannned (interesting article on the shatoosh shawl trade)

Posted by FUAD ULLAH-KHAN on   An interesting article related to the illegal shahtoosh shawl trade.

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