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How Etsy suspended my account unfairly without good reason and refused my appeal

Posted by FUAD ULLAH-KHAN on

Etsy suspended me a few weeks ago without good reason.  I submitted an honest report to Etsy describing to them in detail on how I handcrafted my items, and my case was not heard fairly.  Below is some communication shared between myself and Etsy:



To the Etsy Support Team,

About 2 weeks ago, a lady named Susannah from the Integrity Management Team contacting me letting me know that my account had been suspended due to listing unoriginal or manufactured items which were not of my own design. I was also asked to send in profile of my company, my shop members, and the process which I use to my items by hand. I complied with this request and sent in a 14 page document with the answers to these questions.

I received a message yesterday from Susannah stating that my application was rejected and also accused me of being a liar and representing my items inaccurately. I take great offense to these allegations as they are an insult to my character. Below is the correspondence which I sent to the integrity management team yesterday:

"Dear Susannah,

I want you and the etsy marketplace integrity team to understand that I put a lot of time and effort into getting this info. together, to describe my business to Etsy as accurately and honestly as possible, and to show Etsy how I personally make my items and customize them if necessary according to buyer requests.

I am now being denied a chance to represent myself as an honest and dedicated seller on Etsy and have also been accused of representing my items and the items I personally make (or members of my shop make) falsely or inaccurately.

These allegations are completely without merit and I take offense to being discredited in such a manner.

Furthermore, there are perhaps hundreds (or even thousands) of Etsy sellers who are clearly selling remanufactured products of unoriginal design who have not been flagged and have not been treated in the same manner as I have. The same Etsy polices and guidelines should apply to all Etsy sellers not just a selected few.

About 10 days ago, I reported a seller to Etsy who used a photo (which I personally took myself) without authorization. Nothing has been done to this seller's account by Etsy and no action has been taken against the seller be it copyright violations or misrepresentation of products.

I demand to be given the same rights and privileges as other bonafide Etsy sellers and I have made every effort to stay in line with Etsy's policies and guidelines.

If necessary, please forward this message to the decision making authority figures on the EtsyMarketplace Integrity Team. If there is a number I can call in to speak to someone please provide this to me.

We can avoid prolonging this matter and making it more complicated for both us and Etsy if we are given a fair chance for our case to be heard.

Best Regards.

Frank Khan"

I have taken all the necessary steps to comply with Etsy policy and to represent my items accurately and within the context of Etsy's rules and regulations. Please carefully consider my application for reopening my suspended account.


Frank K.





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  • I see that this is quite an old post but I am curious~did etsy reverse its decision?

    Juliana Russell on

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